Our Mission

We encourage each student to discover and become confident in their spiritual identity, their personal nature, and their contribution to society.


We provide a safe and nurturing environment, where students are recognised as spirit souls, with individual needs.

With a foundation in ancient Vedic spiritual teachings, which emphasises devotion (Bhakti yoga), and the values of compassion, cleanliness (of body, mind and soul), dedication and integrity, we encourage students to express themselves though writing, art, song, music, dance, sports and drama.

To ensure the wellbeing of students we implement a proactive behaviour management program, and offer additional support through the student support chaplain.

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We offer a diverse learning environment, with an emphasis on the NSW curriculum.

As part of our teaching philosophy we apply a number of research-based literacy and numeracy programs, and are dedicated to using best instructional practices.

For students who are struggling with their literacy, we provide one-on-one targeted intervention support programs.

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We aim to provide students with an understanding of their own spiritual essence, and that of all other beings.

With an emphasis on the idea of service, we encourage students to actively be of service to the world. We strive to prepare student for life after school through work experience, field trips, and school camps.

In addition we offer individual support to students throughout their schooling. In high school the students are introduced to the Tree of Life program, which aims at providing students with tools for leading a fulfilled spiritual life in the material world.

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We are accepting enrolments for 2021

Limited places available.
Please get in touch soon, as some classes will have waiting lists.

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